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Anti-nicotine therapy

BiorezonanciaTest závislosti





Why to quit?

These days we can’t doubt about the dangers of smoking to our health. Only in Slovakia, the lung cancer is the most common from all serious diseases and consequences of smoking kill 11 000 people every year.

If you give up smoking, you will feel better immediately.  Your blood circulation and respiration will improve, your coughing will cease, your skin will look healthier and generally the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer will be reduced.  Additionally, you will save some money which you would otherwise spend on cigarettes! 

How does the therapy work?

Initially, the bioresonance device takes several minutes to read and analyze bioenergy field in your organism and in your last cigarette.  Consequently, it creates and inverted field or information to the one received which is then send back to your body. This way it can completely abolish your ‘nicotine hunger’, or physiological dependence on this substance.

Why to choose this therapy?

No pain or side effects.
No other negative impacts on your organism.
Suitable nearly for everyone (see also ‘Drawbacks’ below)
High success rate (75-80 %).
Immediate results .
None or very little quitting symptoms.


The price for undertaking our therapy is 904,-Sk / 30 €. Despite of high success rate, the therapy may not be successful for you at first sitting. However there is still a good chance and you can undertake the therapy again. Within three weeks of your first sitting will provide you any repeated sittings for free.

Centre for Lifestyle and Personal Develpment
Anti-nicotine therapy